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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 9, 2019 2:07am-2:38am PST

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everybody here. >> the deputy fired from the force, what the sheriff is saying about this tonight. the fbi investigating an alleged sexual assault on an american airlines flight. the woman accusing another passenger of groping her aboard the plane. the pilot making an emergency landing. the breaking headline on "wheel of fortune" the health emergency that forced the show to cancel taping his condition tonight. and the dangerous deep freeze, al roker tracking the new arctic chill on the way. >> announcer: this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. good evening, everyone tonight the cdc reports a breakthrough in the urgent race to solve the mystery of vaping related illness that's been sweeping the country sometimes with deadly outcomes investigators zeroing in on a synthetic form of vitamin e turns out can cause serious damage when inhaled. the findings announced as a number of those
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stricken by vaping-related sickness has climbed to 2,051 in 49 states with 39 deaths. ann thompson has details. >> reporter: researchers discovered the clue not in the distinctive vapor but in the residue left in the lungs. vitamin e acetate described as a honey-like substance is an additive in cosmetics and some vaping products. particularly those with thc bought off the street researchers tested 29 patients with vaping illness from ten states, all had vitamin e acetate in their lung fluid 23 also had evidence of thc. >> vitamin e acetate when it travels into the lung and touches the airway of the lung, that could trigger inflammation in the lung that is like a fire starting in the lung that's difficult to
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extinguish. >> reporter: 22-year-old elijah mcclure almost didn't survive that fire. he spent 12 days on a ventilator, his lung severely injured by vaping including thc he warns parents about the habit that nearly took his life. >> don't be oblivious to the fact that your kids may try something out there. >> reporter: new evidence this week shows the number of teenagers who vaped doubling in the past two years. a habit e-cigarette giant juul is trying to contain, pulling the mint flavored pods, the favorite of high school seniors but menthol is still for sale president trump promised action next week. >> we have to take care of kids so we're going to have an age limit of 21 or so. >> the president talked about an age limit. what about banning flavors? >> that's certainly something public health officials want. they want all flavors banned including mint and menthol. the president is under heavy political pressure from vape shop owners and the industry itself because they say it will cost jobs.
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>> tens of millions are facing their first deep freeze of the season tonight al roker is tracking the big chill. al, what are we looking at >> lester, 30 million people from new york city to the deep south looking at freeze warnings they bottom out tomorrow morning with windchills 15 to 16 all the way down to 30 in birmingham. now we're also looking at a fast-moving early weak storm by monday evening, chicago, cincinnati, buffalo, all looking at snow and tuesday, this system moves through but heavy snow through interior northeast with lake effect snows and then early next week another cold snap, temperatures 10 to 30 degrees below average with records possibly being set. >> all right al, thank you. an intriguing development in the house impeachment investigation. word that president trump's former national security advisor john bolton is indicating there are relevant conversations about ukraine that house democrats don't know about hallie jackson with
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more on that. >> reporter: the president insists he has democrats right where he wants them, even with the impeachment inquiry against him. >> we're kicking their ass. >> reporter: now there is word his former national security advisor may be ready to drop new bombshells john bolton's lawyer saying bolton has information to share about relevant meetings and conversations not yet discussed as bolton's deputy says she's living her worst nightmare because of the shadow campaign waged by the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani and the push for aid for political help hill was concerned what giuliani was doing might not be legal. he suggests it is democrats that could be in trouble. >> the only crime is the way they put it together read the transcript 20 times. nothing wrong with it. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel alexander vindman on that call with president trump and the leader of ukraine described it as a demand to get what they have been looking for, which is the presidential meeting the president today trying to distance himself from the very people who worked for
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him. >> i'm not concerned about anything, the testimony has all been fine for the most part, i never even heard of these people i have no idea who they are it seems nobody has any first-hand knowledge. >> reporter: vindman said he heard acting chief of staff nick mulvaney was part of the coordination as he defied a subpoena this morning. a no show on capitol hill >> i'd love to have nick go up i think he'd do great. i'd love to have the people go up except one thing, it validates a corrupt investigation. >> reporter: although fellow republicans have demanded transparency -- >> they shouldn't be having public hearings it's a hoax. >> reporter: what do you make of that >> the american people need to be part of the process and understand the issues and that means having as many public hearings as possible. >> reporter: the impeachment inquiry, the backdrop to the 2020 campaign with ivanka trump asked about it today in a rare interview.
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>> since the election, this has been the experience that our administration and our family has been having the interest in overturning the results of the 2016 election. >> reporter: and now, new attacks from the president on a possible new opponent come 2020. fellow new yorker michael bloomberg. >> i know michael, he became a nothing there is nobody i'd rather run against than little michael. that i can tell you. >> reporter: late tonight, bloomberg started filing paperwork to appear on primary ballots and while he would be running in the same moderate lane as biden the former vice president said he would welcome bloomberg if he runs but biden pointed out his own poll numbers are looking pretty good right now. >> thank you. the white house is denouncing claims about the president in his soon to be published book by a purported trump insider. new excerpts are just out. kristen welker has details. >> reporter: the anonymous author of "a warning" claims to be
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a senior trump administration official and describes the near daily five-alarm fire drill where officials scramble to prevent the president from the wacky destructive ideas. nbc news does not know who the writer is or if he or she was in a position to witness it in excerpts, the author with this description of the president, he stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated and has trouble synthesizing information regularly and some officials considered resigning in a midnight self-massacre but ultimately decided not to out of fear it would destabilize the government according to the post, the author alleges the mr. trump makes racist comments behind closed doors and compares him to a 12-year-old in an air traffic control tower pushing the buttons indiscriminately to the planes skidding across the runway and contains the
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unsubstantiated claim pence was ready to support the majority of the cabinet if they wanted to remove the president, a claim pence denies. >> i never heard any discussion in my entire tenure as vice president about the 25th amendment. >> reporter: the author wrote a "new york times" op ed touting a trump resistance within administration to guide him in the right direction but says of the president he is who he is. at the time, the president blasted the op ed. >> so if the failing "new york times" has an anonymous editorial, can you believe it anonymous. meaning gutless. a gutless editorial, we're doing a great job. >> reporter: tonight, the white house saying quote, the coward who wrote this book didn't put their name on it because it is nothing but lies lester. >> kristen welker, thank you. a sheriff's deputy is out of a job after another yet violent incident at a florida school
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the deputy caught on camera forcefully grabbing a student by the hair let's get more from nbc's ron allen. >> reporter: this florida school resource officer immediately fired as soon as this video of him grabbing a middle school student and threatening others went viral. >> this is because you're stealing. you're stupid little children. >> reporter: police say the other officer with the orange county police responded first and deescalated a large fight. body cam footage shows the still unidentified school deputy step in. >> what i saw was a person who was out of control and basically lost it. i certainly can't have that person around our students. >> reporter: the second violent confrontation revealed this week at a florida school a school deputy in broward county seen slamming a 15-year-old girl to the floor, the
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surveillance video from september, the school deputy charged with child abuse without great bodily harm. >> i would hope that every cop in america would disagree with that type of response. >> reporter: and earlier this year, a teenager's head banged on the ground also in broward county tonight, this student who wasn't arrested is with her family, the fired school deputy also now the subject of a criminal investigation. ron allen, nbc news. in texas, at least three people are dead near dallas tonight after a flat bed truck carrying a load of butane gas tanks hit another vehicle causing a highway inferno. several other people were injured the cause of the crash is not yet known a high profile republican congressman is under fire tonight. a new lawsuit alleging when jim jordan worked as a wrestling coach, at ohio state university, he turned a blind eye to sexual misconduct by a team doctor. >> reporter: republican congressman jim jordan facing a new accusation that he ignored warnings about
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an ohio state university doctor accused of sexually abusing nearly 200 men over two decades in a lawsuit filed thursday, a college wrestling referee named as john doe 42 says in the mid-90s he told jordan the team's physician richard strauss performed a sex act in front of him in a shower. jordan and the then head coach shrugged it off saying that's him. he said strauss said he once tried to pull his pants down. >> i told him, hey, this is not right. >> reporter: not part of the latest lawsuit says jordan failed to address it jordan has previously denied having any knowledge of the abuse
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saying the allegation he was told about it are politically motivated. his office did not respond for comment. the lawsuit comes as house leaders today named jordan to the house intelligence committee giving jordan's known as president trump's most aggressive defender a more prominent role in the committee's public impeachment hearing. tonight, osu called the actions reprehensible adding it has implemented multiple additional safeguards in the 20 years since strauss left the university. strauss died by suicide in 2005, raising questions what should have been done to stop him. with less than two weeks until the next democratic debate, nbc's harry smith is asking democratic voters what's most important to them in taking their questions directly to the candidates tonight, it's senator cory booker in what matters.
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>> we're inside cory booker's kitchen in newark, new jersey with this question. from a democratic voter. >> what's the check you have to write every week that drives you nuts >> i have a 4-year-old and 3 month old. i have to sent them to daycare. every week i write a check for $415.20. that's $22,000 a year. >> that's cash that's serious dough. >> it's outrageous in most states in america, daycare for children, child care for children is more expensive than the college tuition at your state university. >> booker's answer, using government funds to limit the cost of child care to 7% of parents' salaries. expanding tax credits to americans who stay home to take care of children or aging parents. so people who would be staying home, we'll pay them to stay home? is that -- i love your look but i want to get people when i was mayor, i had to do fierce balance sheet analysis which often led me to the moral conclusion, as well. the morally right thing to do in america is be economically right thing to do, as well
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let's get back to paying people who have to stay home for their children, no you're honoring what is work. >> reporter: honoring and booker argues cost effective. >> i would call it penny immoral and pound foolish in the way we're running our society right now. >> reporter: working and raising a family in america says booker, shouldn't make you poor harry smith, nbc news, newark, new jersey. there is late word tonight about pat sajak. the long time host of wheel of fortune he underwent successful emergency surgery to correct a blocked intestine. yesterday's taping had to be cancelled but taping resumed today and vanna white stepped in as host the 73-year-old is said to be resting comfortably and looking forward to getting back to work. just ahead tonight, a flight diverted after an alleged sexual assault in flight. the fbi now investigating. it's a growing worry in the skies. also, as holiday shopping heats up, the
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high-tech secrets that can help you save big bucks. the innovative idea catching on in the nfl providing a quiet place for those who need a break from the excitement stay with us
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the fbi is investigating an alleged sexual assault on an american airlines flight. the plane diverted to oklahoma here is tom costello on the growing problem. >> reporter: 32-year-old james boy charged in federal court with unwanted sexual touching of a female airline passenger. police say it happened tuesday night on american flight 807 from charlotte to salt lake city. in a criminal complaint, the female passenger claims the suspect suddenly began groping her. when she told him to stop, he allegedly threw up his hands and said, sorry. the flight crew separated them as the captain diverted to tulsa. where airport police took an allegedly intoxicated boy into
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custody. in-flight sexual assaults are not new the department of transportation recently launched an investigative task force after the fbi reported a 66% increase in sexual assault reports over three years. the attackers very often men who have been drinking. alison says it happened to her. >> this is a crime it's a felony. and it shouldn't be treated as if it's lost luggage. >> reporter: one in five flight attendants reports being physically harassed. >> they are talking about people groping them over their uniform or under coming up and giving them a back rub. >> reporter: nbc news has been unable to reach an attorney for the man that faces up to two years in prison if convicted. >> tom, thank you. up next, the key to saving big on holiday shopping might be right on your phone.
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back now with the price you pay, the big holiday shopping deals and all you need is your telephone
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here is jo ling kent. >> reporter: hungry shoppers are ready to spend this season. sales forecasted to break records $1 trillion up for grabs for the first time ever big retailers are rolling out black friday deals now and want to use your smart phone to connect them to deep discounts. here at walmart you can scan the toy catalog with your phone to find what you're looking for it shows you where it's located to guide yourself there and find it. >> reporter: best buy will text you with alerts about new sales in realtime like their upcoming 20 days of door busters you can also take the guesswork out of picking your christmas tree the target app lets you see how a tree would look in your living room with augmented reality and look, it fits. >> customers are pickier than ever.
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you see retailers up the ante. >> reporter: what kind of information are you giving up using these apps and getting these deals? >> the more information a consumer gives to a retailer, the more power they have and information they have as to who you are, what your references are and how you behave. >> reporter: this season, deep discounts but santa won't be the only one checking your list jo ling kent, nbc news, los angeles. up next, why some nfl teams provide a quiet alternative to the roar of the game
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on these football weekends, there is an idea taking hold in the nfl so everyone can enjoy the game here is kevin tibbles. >> reporter: it's loud, it's wild, it's football and vikings' fans are as boisterous as any.
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>> the kids would kind of go crazy. >> reporter: for some, it's overwhelming. three of their four kids are on the autism spectrum a family outing to the game was out of the question. >> five minutes in somebody has a meltdown what if we have to go home there is no calm place to bring them back to a baseline. >> reporter: to promote inclusion, many nfl teams like the vikings are offering a quiet space, a special sensory room where kids and adults alike can take a time-out from the noise chill with your family before heading back out to the game. kids are given noise-cancelling headphones and a sensory bag with toys to help take them to a calmer place. >> we actually worked with the minnesota autism society to get recommendations from them on what kind of toys and products
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should we be using ready, go! >> reporter: what's this room like for you? >> it means everything. >> we can bring them out and let them participate 100% because there is a backup plan. >> reporter: in the middle of all the excitement, a quiet place to be family together kevin tibbles, nbc news, minneapolis. ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ when you're ready ♪ when you're ready, ready ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪
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♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na [cheers and applause] >> kelly: all right, y'all, welcome to speethirty! we have a very special show for you today, as you can see, my audience is a sea of beautiful uniforms. that's because today's episode is dedicated for the first responders. yes! these are the brave men and women who protect us and our communities, i'm talking about police officers, firefighters, paramedics, sheriff's deputies, dispatchers, correction officers, e.r. nurses, and countless other brothers and sisters across our country, these are the people who run towards danger, not away from it, and we are then full


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